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Mutant Garden Seeder Desktop App 0.1.1

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Download block hash data

Fetching all the block hash data from chain would take a very long time. This is why we provide a ZIP archive (327MB) for you to download and import in order to sync up quickly.

After starting the application you need to import the downloaded block hash data via the menu: File Import block hash data. Do not unpack the ZIP file first – simply select it in the file dialog. Once the import completes a notification will pop up to inform you.

The app calculates and renders all mutants and their mutations locally on your own computer. This might take many hours, depending on the performance of your machine.

Why a standalone application?

The visual appearance of mutants is determined by their birth block, and every so many Ethereum blocks, there is a chance they mutate. The mathematical transformation of this blockchain state into visually appealling vector graphics is too complex and expensive to be made on-chain. Therefore, these calculations depend on a server daemon, or sidechain.

To aid the greater plan of decentralisation, you can install and run the standalone application. This "readonly sidechain" synchronises to Ethereum Mainnet, and lets your mutants live and grow on your own local computer. In the unlikely event the mutant garden webserver or daemon would be offline, the development of your mutant is not impeded by a single point of failure.

Mutant Garden Seeder Infrastructure Overview


For support questions, bug reports, feature requests: please contact us on the Folia Discord server.


Programming by Harm van den Dorpel and Frederic Brodbeck. Smart contracts support by Billy Rennekamp.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License